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Year 4 Kilve Residential Visit 2018


Night walk to Kilve beach - Wow! What a view (and some tired legs).

Today the pupils, with minimal instruction, were fully engaged in survival crafts and teamwork skills. They managed to create fires in order to toast marshmallows and construct weatherproof shelters that were fully tested by the dedicated Parkfield staff!! Following another delicious supper we will be venturing out on a cool but clear autumnal night walk, sky gazing and listening out for nocturnal sounds. 

Pupils enjoying environmental art and fantasy trail

This is the text which Kilve added to their Facebook page. ‘Our instructor Sophie had a great day with Parkfield school today... Was sooo impressed with my Environmental Art group today!! They are only 8 years old. All I said was that we were going to use the nature around us instead of paints, pencils etc I provided them with glue, scissors and paper. That was it. Usually they just pick flowers and glue them on... These guys decided to use berrys and even POLLEN for paint (wow!), mixed different berries for different colours, crushed leaves for colour, used sticks as paintbrushes and didn't even bother with the glue! I wish humans never lost this imagination!’

A great start to our Year 4 Kilve trip - fantastic weather. All children enjoying themselves and looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow including mountain biking, abseiling, bushcraft and shelter building to name but a few.