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Thursday 21st



LO: I can write a thank you note.


GPS Starter: 

Complete the questions below. You do not need to copy out the question, just the answer.

English Task:

Today we want you to pretend you are the shoemaker and write a thank you note to the elves to say thank you for making the shoes that saved their shop.


In your thank you note, you need to ensure you use capital letters, full stops, conjunctions (e.g. and, but, because) and descriptive vocabulary.



LO: I can find the total.


Today we ae looking at adding amounts of money to find the total. This skill is very important because you will use this in the world around you, for example when you are shopping or saving money.



1. Watch the video:

2. Complete the worksheet below:

3. Have a go at the extra fluency and the reasoning and problem solving questions on the word document below:



For today and tomorrow we would like you to work on creating a colourful poster or leaflet on Dominica.

Your poster or leaflet should try and encourage people to visit the island.

We do not want you to rush this. We want to see extremely neat colouring, and all your writing needs to be the best you can do.

Try to include exciting things that people can see if they visited the island.


Include a

  • clear heading
  • caption
  • pictures
  • text box
  • interesting fact


Other Tasks:

Remember there is additional work in the stars for:

  • Times tables
  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Reading
  • French
  • Music