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A poem by Anabelle

Anabelle was inspired to write this very powerful poem for the Eco-Committee.

We want to share it with you.


"What do I do?" By Anabelle


"What do I do?" said the Earth.

I will die eventually after all I've been through.


"The people don't care," said the Earth.

They just pollute me every day,

Kill my animals and ignore the few people that care.


"What do I do?" said the Earth.

Many of my animals are dying, as the human race remains,

killing the creatures that survive.

Why does the human species have any more importance than the others?


"It will be the responsibility of the humans to protect me," said the Earth.

After all they've done, they must remade that I am their planet.

It is our planet SAVE IT!



Please remember we can't do everything ourselves. If we all do a little bit to help the animals on the Earth, then all these little bits will add up and we will all make a difference together.


Let's start off by:

  • Not wasting energy
  • Not dropping litter
  • Not wasting water