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01.04.20- Wednesday

Hello everyone,
   Your English tasks for the rest of the week (and some of next week) are going to be writing our innovated Wolves of Currumpaw stories. The boxing up grids we wrote as a class will be in the folders and the section you are writing will also be at the top of the page with the task on.
   Some of Swans had a go at writing theirs before we left. Miss Whatley said that they were good and included plenty of the strategies that we have been learning over the unit. For those children, have another go at writing your story and consider areas where you can make some really interesting changes! We can’t wait to read your stories!
   For your PE there are some yoga positions to practice again, why not give Joe Wicks’ morning workouts a go if you’d like a change from last week? There is also a link to an excellent website if you click on the PE star on the learning from home page.
   We hope you enjoyed the good news of the day for last week, there is a new article below for you to read with a link to a video at the bottom of the article.

Keep it up everyone,


Mrs Swarbrick and Mr Chislett


Edit: There is now a copy of the story of 'The Wolves of Currumpaw' attached to help with your writing!