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Friday 22nd January

Congratulations to two rabbit-loving Falcons and some super Kestrels who solved the Barkfield School problem-solving challenge of the week.  At the bottom of today's list of links there is some extra French and the next problem-solving challenge...!

Maths: I can form expressions

Bonjour tout le monde,

Comment ça va?

The French learning about BONNE ANNÉE and ÉPIPHANIE is enough for 2 weeks.  But here are a few other things you can do:

Join in with the Bonjour Song and teach to another person or pet:

Find out how to make a fève:

Fèves and galettes | Parkfield Primary School (

Listen to the ROULE GALETTE story.  What other story does this make you think of?

Père Castor - Roule Galette – a traditional story about the galette | Parkfield Primary School (

BONNE ANNÉE message.  This is a reading activity, to understand the French look for cognates and near cognates to help you

Bonne Année 2021 - Carte de vœux | Parkfield Primary School (

Find out about the history of the Galette des Rois.

Histoire - La galette des rois | Parkfield Primary School (




OPTIONAL:  Gruesomely Galling Problem Solving Challenge of the Week!


From the following six clues, find the values of the letters A to H. Each letter is a different whole number in the range 1-30:


  1. A is one-third of C and one-quarter of G
  2. G is ten lower than H
  3. H is double the value of F, but four lower than B
  4. B is six higher than D
  5. D is double the value of E
  6. the value of E is lower than G.