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Open the book

          She opened the book gently, curious to see what lay within.  The words were Latin.  She knew she would need to sound these words out carefully but there was no time now.

Quickly, she clapped the book shut.  She scanned to see if Mr Linden was there.  She could hear the heavy footsteps of studded boots approaching.  She ran.

She sprinted out of the exit.  She sprinted down the street.  She sprinted through the park.  Her heart was in her mouth.  Would she make it?  Was anyone following her?  She did not dare to look back.  She could hear a drumming: was it her footprints or was it her heartbeats or was it the book thumping against her chest as she ran?  She could hear something else as well: a screaming sound.  Was it the book?

She ran and ran and ran until…

          She reached home.