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Week beginning:  le 1 juin 2020

Bonjour la classe,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  This time we are going learn about La Famille.  Your objective is to make your own Family Tree (arbre généalogique) in French. The first thing you are going to do is to learn a lot of new vocabulary that you will use in your “arbre généalogique”, with the focus on accurate sounding.  To help you there are video clips and songs to listen to. The powerpoint has lots of pictures and sounds to help you learn the language you need.  Enjoy this learning. 

Bon courage,                  Madame Ferguson

La Famille.mp4

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Week beginning: le 18 mai 2020

Bonjour la classe,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  I have now posted a little library of French songs and clips for you to enjoy on the school website.  Each one has a learning point and we will be doing some learning linked to these clips in the future.

Here are the instructions to get to these clips:

  • go to Children, scroll down to the VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE.
  • find the French Year 5 & Year 6 section and click on the different clips you will find here:


Can you spot the greetings you have learnt?  Can you sing the Bonjour Song we sing in class?  This clip is also good for finding out how someone is, age and where someone lives.

SONG:  1-100             

Can you learn to count up to 100? This is catchy song will help you.  

RAP:  AGE – Quel âge as-tu?

Ask and answer questions about your age.

SONG:      Joyeux Anniversaire

We all love this song and it teaches us: the months, seasons and how to ask someone’s birthday, “Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?

SONG:         La Semaine

What planet names are linked to the days of the week?

DAYS,NUMBERS & FOOD in the Hungry Caterpillar story in French.

A familiar story that recaps the lifecycle of a papillon (butterfly).

SONG:      L’Alphabet

You will love this song.  Can you spot the letters that sound the same?

Les voyelles: the vowels - spot the different sounds in French.


RAP verb: AIMER – to like/love

RAP verb: ALLER – to go

    RAP verb: AVOIR - to have

RAP verb: FAIRE - to do/to make v. JOUER – to play


VE VERBS:    FAIRE – to do/to make v. JOUER – to play explained


L’h L'heure - TIME:  Ask and say time in French / la routine / Test yourself


La La  Méteo - WEATHER: vocabulary / a weather forecast

DI LES DIRECTIONS: vocabulary/ a story/ Tour de Paris/ Compass


LE LES SPORTS: Aimes-tu les sports? Faire or jouer.

LA LA FAMILLE: Describe your family.

LE LES ANIMAUX: As-tu un animal?  Aimes-tu les animaux?


Find out how VE Day is commemorated in France.

La seconde guerre mondiale (2 minutes d'histoire)

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Key events of La Seconde Guerre Mondiale (WWII)

8 mai 1945_ la capitulation de l'Allemagne à Reims German surrender at Reims.

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German surrender in Reims.