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Monday: 24.01

Monday: Something a bit different for maths today! Tomorrow will be our end of block test, so today is test prep day. There are lots of similar questions on the slides below. Look at the question on the side, have a go at answering it yourself first. Once you have done this, go onto the next slide where you will see the question solved in green writing! No peeking before you try the question!

English: Today, some of you will be completing the last two sections of your non-chronological report on Wolves (the Fun Facts and the Glossary). When you have finished your report, please make sure that you check it carefully and have it ready to bring into school when you return. 

Once the report is complete, there is a fun SPaG activity for you to try today, details of which are on the attached Word Document. You will need access to the internet for this task. Have fun!