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She strolled around the room, exhausted but determined.  Soon, she found that she had looped back to the same smashed window that she saw when she entered.  Next to the window was a small iron key.  Around the tip, rust was tightly compacted.  Curiously, she picked it up.  It felt heavy in her hands.


She did not know what it opened.  She thought that it could open the mysterious door that the caretaker left through when she first saw him.


Determined, she traced her steps back to the caretaker's room.  The solid door had a rusty handle and was made of varnished oak.  She tried the key in the lock.


It clicked open.


Inside, she felt a surge of shock: there was only whiteness.  It was a dull, plain white.  There were no shadows, no people, no signs of life.  It was like a blank sheet of paper.  She reached in and her hand began to disappear inside.  Quickly, she pulled it out with terror.  She realised...


It was a portal!


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