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Walk into Mr Linden

          She careered around a corner and almost walked into Mr Linden.

          “Oh, you’ve picked Anne Frank’s diary.  I love that book.  Can I have a look?” Mr Linden exclaimed.

          “No!  It’s fine, I’d better be going anyway,” stuttered Grace.

          “I insist,” Mr Linden said sternly, his face dead serious.

          Mr Linden suddenly lunged forward at lightning pace and snatched at the book.  He was successful.

          Staring at Grace, he turned the pages slowly and steadily, like he already knew the outcome.

          “If you really want that book then have it but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  That book is not for you!” said Mr Linden forcefully.

          Mr Linden gifted the book out in front of him.  Grace grabbed it and bolted to the door, the bookshelves towering over her.  She got to the door and tugged on the handle.  It was locked!

          Grace’s face turned from delight to horror.  Mr Linden walked towards her.  Every step echoed in the library.  Out of his pocket, he produced a golden, rusted key.  He unlocked the door and opened it and revealed that outside world.

          Grace stepped outside.