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Wednesday 25th March


In your packs you have a page called 'Giant's Accident.' Please read the text carefully and then answer the comprehension questions in your workbook.

Remember to find the answers in the text, you can circle or underline the answers if this helps you. Also remember to answer in full sentences, using capital letters and full stops! 



Find all the 2D shapes you can in your house and garden (triangle, square, circle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon) Take photographs or draw a picture of each one. When you have done this, label the properties of each shape. 

How many sides?

How many vertices? (corners)

Are the sides curved or straight? 

Are the sides all the same length? 


School Value 

Our school value next half term is honesty. Write about a time you showed this value and draw a picture to go with your writing. 

Then, can you explain to an adult why it's important to be honest? 

Have you ever found it hard to be honest? Why?