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Friday 12.06.20

Maths - Friday Challenge

Welcome to Friday's Maths Challenge!

Solve as many problems as you can either on your own, with brothers and sisters or even as a whole family. if you really want a challenge, perhaps you could challenge your parents to Parents V Children - who can complete the challenge first?!


Today you should be able to complete your wishing tale!


Read it aloud to yourself to check for missing words and good sense.  Next, edit for accurate punctuation and spelling. Finally, edit your sentence structures: could you include a fronted adverbial, relative clause (Who, which, where sentence) or 2A sentence.


Share your finished story with a member of your family and remember to share it with us by email too as we would love to read them!


Well done for all your hard work this week, your fun fact is all about Taunton! Did you know... Taunton was the first town in the country to be lit permanently by electric street lighting in 1881? This was 12 months before the Electric Lighting Act of 1882 which enforced the switch from oil lamps to electric across the UK.  We hope you all have a super weekend!