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Tuesday 9th


Today we would like you to start writing out the beginning part of your new version of ‘Bonkers about Beetroot’.


We would like you to write until the animals make the manure heap.


We would like your story to be as descriptive and detailed as possible and in your neatest handwriting.

Try to include:

  • Capital letters and full stops for all sentences
  • Include adverbs and adjectives
  • a 'Power of 3' sentences
  • 'double -ly' sentences.
  • Different sentences openers:

Once upon a time

The next day

That night


Two days later

(can you think of any of your own?)



Today we are continuing our practise of quarter past and quarter to times.

Only if needed, re watch the video lesson on telling the time from yesterday to recap



  1. Complete worksheet 1 - mixed quarter past and quarter to clocks where you have to write the time in words
  2. Complete worksheet 2 - mixed quarter past and quarter to times where you need to draw the clock hands. Remember the size of your hands. Minute hands are long, hour hands are short.
  3. Complete the White Rose worksheet
  4. Complete the reasoning and problem solving questions.



Games to practise:

If you need further practise or would like to play some games try the below games


This week we are looking at 'Safety'. Each day we will be focusing on different areas on how we can keep ourselves safe.

Today's focus is 'Road Safety'.


Road Safety:

Read the Road Safety power point about how to keep yourself safe when crossing the road.


Activity: Write instructions to explain how to cross the road.

The slide at the end of power point (slide 8) should help you write your instructions.

Don’t forget to start each instruction with a time connective (Firstly, Secondly, Next, After that, Then, Finally)

Remember to write in your neatest handwriting focusing on the size of your letters.



There is also a road safety word search below. Hard challenge is the *** 3 star word search.