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Talk to them

Talk to them!


“Hello Isabella,” said one of the rhino headed people. In a blink of an eye, Isabella turned around and glared at the rhino headed person. Her jaw dropped.

“Who are you and why am I here?” questioned the girl.

“ I think you know why you are here,” said one of the horse-headed people.

“No I don't, I can't even remember what I had for breakfast,” said Isabella. At this moment Isabella started to get very worried and didn’t know what her next move was going to be. She decided to stay and figure out what was happening and why she was surrounded by all of these unknown, odd figures. 

The animal headed people had enough of Isabella and locked her in a room. 

The room was filled with cobwebs and in the corner of the room was a speaker and it repeated ‘look at the book, look at the book, look at the book.’ When she crawled over the creaking, splintering floor boards there was a bright, golden book sparkling in her eyes. She slowly lifted up the  box that had golden shining underneath.

She shook, the book title read her Father’s and Mother’s name.  In no time, Isabella, with no hesitation,Isabella fleetly opened the book.


She carried on reading and as soon as she flipped the page and saw her mother and father’s picture with a massive cross over the top, she started to get worried.  She flipped the page and then saw a picture: Isabella's face lost all colour.  

It was a picture of her and on the next page it read: ‘Terror in Downing Street’. Who would have guessed it was a picture of her old house all burnt down where her parents died and in the corner of the attic window there stood the rhino headed person.  Suddenly,the room started to shake and the book started to pull her forwards…..


What a cliffhanger ending!  If you would like to go back and try a different path, follow the links above…!