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Friday 5th February

I can convert metric measures

'Focus on Faces' - Day 5

To bring our creative poetry week to an end, we are setting you two final challenges and opportunities to write a competition-winning poem.  Today, we would like you to write a poem on either one of these (or both if you are feeling super creative!):

1)  'All Faces Matter' - Write a poem to tell the world that all faces matter regardless of colour or appearance.

2)  'Do Faces Really Change?' - Use photographs of yourself, or one of your parents or grandparents and write about how the face has changed over time.  The poem could reflect on what remains unchanged in the person.



Look back at all the wonderful poems that you have written this week about faces.  Choose your favourite one and we would like you to send it to us so we can enter into the competition being held by Somerset Literacy Network.   The closing date for all entries is 19 April 2021so you have plenty of time (although we think it's best to do it now in case you forget!).  Mr Reynolds and I can't wait to read your poems smiley.


1) Poems must be between 8 and 40 lines, excluding the title

2) There can only be one entry per poet


And finally...


For mental health week, why not look at the Government's activity passport of recommended activities to do in different year groups?  While it's winter and if the day is bright, why not see if you can see a sunrise and a sunset on the same day and take in the patterns of the clouds, the moving of the shadows and the change as the day wakes up and goes to sleep.