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Tuesday 15th December

Christmas Riddle of the Day:  How many presents can Father Christmas fit in an empty sack?  (Answer at the bottom of the page!)


Christmas Fact of the Day:  In Poland, spiders are considered to be symbols of prosperity and goodness at Christmas.  In fact, spiders and spider webs are often used as Christmas tree decorations!  According to legend, a spider wove baby Jesus a blanket to keep him warm.


Welcome to Day 1 of our Christmas Home Learning. I will be setting English and Maths each day and a few other fun activities to try.  Each morning, we can meet together on Zoom at 9.30am to discuss the work that has been set and then I will be available on Zoom again at 2pm to chat to you about the work that you have completed and answer any queries that you may have.


Please email me any work that you are proud of  - I would love to see it!


Following on from reading the fabulous story, 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, we are going to be writing a formal, persuasive letter from Scrooge to the newspaper, 'The Times of London'.  Scrooge is going to insist that Christmas is banned...yes, you heard right, he wants Christmas banned!


Your task today is to draw a spider chart showing the reasons that Scrooge would give to support his mission for Christmas to be scrapped.  If you need reminding of the story, I have uploaded a copy of the text to refresh your memory.

Maths: Finding the percentage of an amount

At the beginning of Spring Term,  we will be revising fraction, decimals and percentages.  In preparation, I would like you to have a look at the PowerPoint that I have uploaded and try the fluency and reasoning questions.  For those of you who would like a further challenge, have a go at the 'Getting Ship Shape' questions.  I have also included the answer sheet so you can check your work once completed.  There is a short video clip to watch to refresh your memory about percentages.

History Timeline

Circling around the Year 5 and 6 block, is our fabulous history timeline.  There are a few eras that still require some artwork to depict important historical events.  Please look at the  word document that I have uploaded and choose a period of time that you would like to illustrate.  I have given some ideas but feel free to research historical events of your own.  Once you have chosen the era that you would like to illustrate, please draw or paint the event on an A4 piece of paper, (landscape or portrait).  Write the date and the event on the back of your picture.  Remember, that your artwork will be positioned high on the wall so the colours and detail need to be vivid in order to stand out.  Your art work will remain on the wall long after you have left to go to secondary school!
Answer:  Only one - after that, it's not empty anymore!