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This week we want you to look at different ways to spell the 'ai' sound and the alternative spellings for this.

The main spellings for this sound are 'ai', 'ay' and 'a_e'.

However there is also the 'ey' and 'eigh' spelling.


Below is a selection of activities you can try to help practise your reading and spelling of this sound.

  • Alternative spellings for ai phoneme spotter x 2 
    • For this activity you need to read the texts and colour in the words with the ay sound. Remember there could be ai ay a_e (ey and eigh)
  • ay word search
  • ai word search
  • a-e word search
  • Colour by sound
    • pick a colour for each spelling of the 'ai' sound
    • read the words and colour them the correct colour for their spelling of the 'ai' sound.
  • Word sort
    • print out the word sort grid and the  word sort words.
    • Then sort the words into the correct column of the grid.
  • ai and ay activity