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Tuesday 15th September


Firstly, thank you very much for the work that you have emailed to me and Mr Reynolds.  We love to see the work that you are doing at home and we are both very proud of the resilience that you are all showing - true Parkfield spirit!  

We have organised some more fun tasks for you to carry out today for Day 2 of our home learning.



Well done for completing yesterday's arithmetic challenge.  Here are the answers so you can check how well you did and what areas you might need to keep practising:

I       a) 100          b) 77               c) 142

II     a) 16            b) 96               c) 80

III   a) 559          b) 558             c) 560

IV    a) 3496        b) £3138.34    c) 23,376

V      a) 881 r3      b) 579             c) 6.06


LO: I can use negative numbers in context.


Let's begin by keeping our arithmetic skills fresh!  Can you beat yesterday's score?



Today, we are continuing to focus on negative numbers.  Now, try the lesson using the video link below.



LO: I can punctuate lists accurately

Follow the link below for today's grammar work on punctuating lists.



After that, please try pages 12-13 of your CGP book ("David Copperfield").


What is electricity?


Please follow the link below for today's lesson.



And finally...




Double and triple check your English work from yesterday... did you remember that there's A RAT in "sepARATe"?!