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          “I must find out more about the book,” thought Grace.

          “The book has powers that are too powerful for young ones like you,” said the man gently.

          “Please sir, tell me more about the book,” pleaded Grace.

          “But…” he began.  But before he could finish his sentence, Grace interrupted.

          “Please sir, I need to know more.  Please!”

          The man sighed a heavy sigh and said, “Okay.  I will tell you many things.”

          Grace smiled and looked over at the book.  “Yes!” she thought.

          The man took the book and walked away.  Grace followed cautiously, shaking.

          “Sir?” she called out.  As she was walking, looking for the man… BAM!

          The lights went out. Grace stood dead in her tracks.  Was there an intruder?  Sweat was dripping from her head.

          “I know better than to not move,” she thought.  She looked around for any signs of light. 

There was a glow.  A glow in the distance.

          Grace walked towards the light, her hopes flying for a moment.  The glow brought her to the front desk of the library.

          The book… the book was glowing!

          And then—


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