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Friday 03.07.20


Welcome to another Friday Maths Challenge!

Solve as many problems as you can either on your own, with brothers and sisters or even as a whole family. If you really want a challenge, perhaps you could challenge your parents to Parents V Children - who can complete the challenge first?!


To finish off this week’s super work, we are going to draw a picture of what your creature is like. Once you have sketched them, label the important information (use your passport to help you)

Finally, complete activity 12 on page 18. Read the entry about The Forest Sprite and add any useful words or phrases to the list you started on Tuesday.  Also look at what the different paragraphs are about and the words used to begin each paragraph.


Wow, What a busy week! I hope you have enjoyed learning about elves and sprites. I wonder if you can spot any during your weekend adventures…..good luck!!