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Wednesday 13th



LO: I can answer questions on a text.


Today we would like you to reread the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker and then answer the comprehension questions that are on the word document below.




Our focus today is counting pounds both in notes and pound coins.

LO: I can count in pounds.


Worksheets: Complete the worksheet below.

Complete the reasoning and Problem Solving sheet. The green questions at the end of the sheet are the challenge questions (optional).



LO: I can draw and label and map.


Draw and label a map of the Island of Barra.

Use the example in the booklet to help you (slide 4).

  • Remember how we shade our sea around the edge of an island and you could add a key like when we did our 'Cuba' for Christopher Columbus topic.

Other Tasks:

Remember there is additional work in the stars for:

  • Times tables
  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Reading