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Monday 20th April

We hope you all had a lovely Easter! smiley



In your pack, you have a sheet called 'Animal Alphabet.' Please read the text carefully and then answer the questions in full sentences. Remember to look back at the text to find the answers. You can circle or underline words to help you. 



Design your own treasure map on the squared paper in your pack. On your map, include:

  • A treasure chest
  • A palm tree
  • A hut
  • A pond
  • A boat 

You can add anything else you would like to! Then, write the coordinates. Eg, boat in C4



Carefully draw your own plant. Then, label the different parts of the plant (roots, stem, petals, leaf)

After you have labelled your plant, write a sentence to explain why each part of the plant is important. 


Follow the link below to find out how to send a 100th birthday card to Captain Tom Moore!