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Water Monitoring

Water monitors


There are water monitors throughout the school. Our job is to check that our year group is not wasting water.


  • We check that taps are not left on when not in use
  • We look at the graph shown below every week. They tell us how much water we are using, and we can see if we are using more or less than we did the week before
  • We think of ways everyone can save water such as turning off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • We go to the Eco-Committee meetings once a month to keep the Eco-Committee informed about our work
  • We will carry out a survey of all the taps in the school with Mr Jenkins and identify which ones we could replace with taps that automatically switch off and so save water


It is very important that we monitor the water we use each week. If one of our water pipes starts to leak we will use more water, and by carefully watching how much water we use we would quickly know there is a problem.


Mr Jenkins reads the water meter every week for us. The meter is in the pavement outside of our school gates and he showed us what he does.