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Thursday 16th July


There is lots of alliteration in the story e.g. Bertie Bullfinch, Nigel Nightingale, Kia Kingfisher and Billy Blue Tit. Explain to an adult what alliteration is. 

Then, can you think of a name for each class at school? The classes are listed below. 


_____ Chaffinch 

_____ Dove

_____ Sparrow 

_____ Nightingale 

_____ Falcon

_____ Swan 

_____ Heron

_____ Woodpecker 

_____ Kestrel 

_____ Starling 

_____ Kingfisher 

_____ Robin 

_____ Wren 

_____ Skylark


When you have thought of a name for each bird, can you write some alliterative sentences? e.g. Sammy Skylark sat silently on the soft sand. 


Today, you are going to be sorting 3D shapes. Please click on the sheet below.