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Thursday 11th


Today we would like you to finish writing your new version of ‘Bonkers about Beetroot’.


We would like your story to be as descriptive and detailed as possible and in your neatest handwriting.

Try to include:

  • Capital letters and full stops for all sentences
  • Include adverbs and adjectives
  • a 'Power of 3' sentences
  • 'double -ly' sentences.
  • Different sentences openers:
    • Once upon a time
    • The next day
    • That night
    • Suddenly
    • Two days later
    • (can you think of any of your own?)


Today we are continuing to practise telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.


If needed re-watch the White Rose video and relook at the Powerpoint.

Then we would like you to continue to practise by completing the two worksheets for telling times to the nearest 5 minutes

  • Worksheet 1 - Write the time in words by looking at a picture of a clock and write the time in words
  • Worksheet 2 - Draw the hands on the clock by reading the time in words then on a clock draw the hands in the correct place. Remember the hour hand is short, the minute hand is long. Think carefully about the position of the hour hand

Finally complete the reasoning and problem solving worsksheet.


Games to practise:



Today our focus is on water safety.


We would like you to read the Water Safety power point. Then we would like you to design and create your own water safety poster. The poster should help keep children safe when they are near water. (Use the paper in your work book)