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Years 1 and 2 - Thursdays

Nature Art

Making the most of the sunshine and our gorgeous Secret Garden, Art Club set about collecting various items offered up by nature's bounty to make a natural collage. As this medium often proved challenging to work with, we were prompted to flex our perseverance muscles and were rewarded with some beautiful pieces...


Erwin Wurm


We’ve had a lot of fun in Art Club this week looking at the work of sculptor Erwin Wurm, in particular his “One Minute Sculptures”.  As exhibited in galleries across the world, this particular collection encourages the viewer to interact with everyday objects in unusual ways according to Wurm’s hand drawn instructions.  The resulting sculpture is therefore in existence, physically, for a brief time only - perhaps just one minute.  We had such a good time experimenting with this idea in Art Club, our sculptures didn’t hang around for much longer than about 30 seconds before we were on to the next!  Take a look…




Alberto Giacometti


This week in Art Club we learned a little bit about Alberto Giacometti and some of his sculptures.  Lots of them are tall, thin figures which are made from metal.  Rather than roll out the blow torches and soldering irons, we decided to use tin foil to make sculptures similar to Giacometti’s - here are some of our results…