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Happy New Year Everyone

Take the book now

          Something glistened in the man’s hand.  Grace eyed it suspiciously, all the while wondering what it could be.

          Her eyes fell back onto the book and she instantly stretched her shaking hand to pick it up.  A tatty brown-laced brogue pressed down on the book, preventing Grace from retrieving it.

          “I wouldn’t do that, child.”  Grace snatched her hand back.

          “My advice to you is to choose another book,” advised the old man with a hint of wisdom in his voice.  Grace plucked up the courage to speak.

          “But I feel that this book has chosen me!  Of all the books here, I am drawn to this one.  I can’t explain how or why but I shan’t rest until my eyes have devoured the contents.”

          “I admire your determination.  Maybe you are strong enough.”  A sly grin covered his face.  “This book is dangerous in the wrong hands so you must, must guard it with your life.  You may take it but promise to return it by dusk on Wednesday.”

          The man’s voice was now filled with excitement.  Grace watched as the figure faded from sight behind the books.  Her eyes hesitantly looked back at the glowing book before grasping it in her moist hands.

          Yet, after a while, her mind started to wonder.  Who was this old, wrinkled man?  How is this book so dangerous?  Yes, it was glowing… but still?!

          She pulled herself up using the side of the bookcase and cradled the book against her chest.  Grace looked around for the man but, realising he was gone, he stepped out of the library door onto the silent street.

          A few days passed.

          It was Wednesday.  Grace sat in bed and set her alarm for 5:15pm.  She closed her eyes and sighed before opneing the plain book and scanning the pages.  A few minutes passed and her eyes became heavier and heavier until it was all black.

          At the point she fell asleep, she did not know what was crawling out of the book.  She did not know that it would make sure she stayed asleep.  Forever.



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Happy New Year Everyone