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Monday 14th September

Welcome to the first day of our home learning!  If you haven't watched Mr Reynolds' video on what to expect for the next week or so, please watch this video:


Please watch the grammar video below and follow the exercises.  If anyone is struggling to see the video, the PowerPoint presentation is also below.


Additionally, please complete on lined paper pages 22-23 from your CGP reading book ("Moonfleet").  If you have a different colour book, please continue working through the book in order.






MATHS: I can understand negative numbers in context



We started looking at negative numbers to help with your homework.  Now try the lesson on the link below.

If you are able (i.e. if you have an atlas or have the permission of a trusted adult to access the internet for this task), try the challenge at the end:



One interesting thing to consider... Britain is as high in the world as Canada and Russia.  I wonder if the temperatures are similar?




We already started looking at resources around the world.  Today we're going to be looking at a resource you've learned quite a bit about before -- water!  Follow the link below for the lesson...






Usually, today, we would pick one of your brilliant homeworks to use as a quiz.  For now though, using last week's knowledge sheet, record your answers to these questions:


Online Safety Quiz

1. What is an avatar?

2. True or false: curating is when people choose pictures and words to put online that make their lives look cooler than they are.

3. An online tool that changes how photographs look is an ____brush.

4. What do you do if you see something online that makes you sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened?

5.  What is over-sharing?

6. Are the little pictures used online called emojis or e-faces?

7. Give an example of an acronym.

8. If you like how someone comes across online, does this necessarily mean you can trust them?

9.  What is a digital footprint?

10.  If you thought a friend was a victim of cyberbullying, what advice would you give?

Audio guide to this week's knowledge sheet

For next week, you will be reading about electricity. If you would like to read it through with Mr Reynolds, get your electricity sheet out and listen in.