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Monday 8th February

This week is 'Safety Week' and in Year 6, we will be focusing on three areas: water safety, online safety and road safety.  To begin, we will take a look at water safety.  We would like you to look at the water safety Powerpoint and the web link.  Once you have done this, we invite you to produce a poster to promote safety in and around water.  Think about your target audience - will your poster be aimed at adults or children? Alternatively, draw a diagram and explain the dangers of rip currents, use of body boards and dangers of using inflatables in the sea.  This work will be added to our class book so please email us your diagrams or photograph your work.

Additionally, you might wish to look at the different coloured flags displayed by lifeguards at the beach and colour the blank flags provided.  Or, you could look at the various scenarios outlined on the discussion cards. 

We look forward to seeing your posters and hearing about the work that you have produced.  Enjoy!