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Run away

She began to run as fast as her legs could carry her, her heart beating fast and feeling as weak as before. She HAD to read, otherwise- she would die for certain. 

Without thinking, she rapidly grabbed one of the mysterious books from the shelf and ran through the door back to the caretaker’s shed, slamming the door behind her, locking the ancient man in. 

She was incredibly lucky. But she couldn’t celebrate: she had to run back to the orphanage before the police would get her - or worse- the caretaker. 

As she continued running between alleyways and cracks she reached the orphanage. She snuck through the back door to the bedrooms. It was already 11pm so everyone was likely to be asleep. Everything was pitch black except for the corner of her room that was lit by the big, bright moon.

The orphanage was dead silent. 

She wasn’t used to this atmosphere: she was never up this late, she was always asleep, never awake to see life in utter darkness. 

With a sigh of relief she slowly opened the book. Seconds after reading the first word she fell into a strange trance, she couldn’t look away. She could see nothing but black, it was even darker than her room. Her head ached. Isabella screamed, awakening the whole orphanage. 

She could hear the mumbling of the confused orphans nearby. But on top of that she heard a large screech, a voice saying “I warned you, this is all your fault…” 

And as a flood of children stormed into the room, they witnessed Isabella’s death.


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