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Take the book

          She watched the man walk away and realised that the only way to find out what was so dangerous about the book was to disobey the man’s orders.  She sneakily picked it up and put it in her backpack.  It was heavier than she expected.  She slumped down against a bookcase and a pile of books flew from the shelves.

          “Grace?” The man’s voice echoed through the empty library. “Do you remember what I said?  Don’t take the book!”

          “I know, sir,” said Grace.  “I’m just picking a book!”

          When she finally left the library, a strange feeling took over her.  She clutched her head and fell on her knees.

          “I warned you,” said a voice.  “I warned you!”


          When she looked into the shop window, she saw the man’s green eyes where her brown ones should have been.

          “I warned you.  You will now be trapped in the book with the others,” the voice said.

          “What others?”  Grace could feel perspiration dripping down her face.

          “The others that disobeyed my orders – like you did!”

          There was a flash of light and Grace felt herself being sucked down – down into a world of paper and ink.

          She kicked and screamed but she could do nothing.

          He had warned her about the book.  Now it was too late.


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