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Save the parents

She was saving them. She could finally have her parents back. The mirror opened and Isabella started to pull them out. Suddenly, the hole in which Isabella was using to get her parents out of the mirror, started to shrink. She knew she couldn’t save them. 

Then, she remembered the spellbook and took it out of her coat pocket. Frantically, she flicked through the pages. There must be a spell for this, she thought. She found it. It was in a different language. “Holeoa maximen savior, ” she shouted. 

Her energy flooded out of her. She fell to the ground. The last she saw was two adults in front of her.


When she regained consciousness, she found herself outside in the arms of her father. Her mother was tending to her wounds.

“B-b-books, I need books.” Isabella said weakly.

“Don’t you worry,” said her father, “You are safe now.”




Your journey ends here. 

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