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Thursday 26th March



Change these words to their contractions and write them into interesting sentences. The first one has been done for you. 

did not = didn't 

do not = 

cannot = 

is not = 

I will = 

I am =

have not = 

could not = 

we will =

you have = 

does not = 



In your pack, you have a arithmetic paper. Please answer all the questions in the booklet. Remember to show your working out if you need to. You can draw tens and ones, a number line, arrays and bar models to help you. 



Design an Avatar!
Often it isn't a good idea to use your own name and picture when posting online as that information is sensitive and private but you can use a made-up name and a made-up picture.  An avatar is a character that you can use to represent you on the internet. We would like you to design your own avatar!  
What is your avatar's name? 
Can you draw a picture of them?
What species are they? 
Where do they live? 
What do they like to do? 
What are their special skills?