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                                                        Going back to the orphanage

         “I don't have anything to do except go to the orphanage,” Isabella said to herself quietly.  So, on the way to the orphanage she saw something in the corner of her eye.  It was the people with the animal heads from the building she was just in! Then, that is when she decided to run.


Luckily, the animal heads didn't see her!  


She arrived at the orphanage and she was frightened.


          All of a sudden, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the floorboards creaking.  She was terrified so she grabbed a book from a shelf and got under her bed covers and started reading so she could get stronger.  With a tiny bit of confidence, she decided to get out from under her covers and she steadily opened the door and there was no one there.When she was just thinking it was her imagination and when she was just about to get in the bed and go to sleep, she saw a head pop up from the hallway. 


Isabella freaked out but with her bit of her confidence she decided to get down where she saw the horse-head.But when she turned the corner she saw the horse-head just about to grab her and she tried to run but it was too late she had been kidnapped.The last thing she heard was birds chirping.



A grim ending for this route -- but click on the links above to go back and try a different set of options.