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Welcome to the Falcon Class choose-your-own adventure story for "World Book Day" based on our book, "Mr Linden's Library".  


Please make yourself comfortable and get ready to choose each stage of your adventure.  Some paths lead to happy endings; others lead to grim finales!  Choose wisely!



   Feeling weaker than ever now, Isabella squeezed through wrought-iron gates of the library, the police sirens nee-nawing behind her.

   Nestled safely by the bins, she took a moment to catch her breath.  It had been seven hours since she left the orphanage and six days since she discovered her terrible secret.  Isabella was no ordinary person.  She was special.  Whenever she spoke – even the smallest word – she felt her life energy draining away; however, she knew there was one thing that would restore her.  Books.  She needed books.  She needed the library.

   In front of her, the library loomed.  The dilapidated structure was shimmering in the moonlight as the wind howled vigorously in her ears.  It looked ancient – like a great granite fortress.  There was a damp musky smell as she gazed at the porchlight. 

   The front door was ajar, one window was smashed and a faint glow emanated from the caretaker’s entrance.  Where would she go?