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Monday- 18.05.20

Hello everyone,
   We hope you had a relaxing weekend! Those with a keen eye will see we now have 'Additional Extension Tasks' for those of you are feeling up for a challenge once you have completed the other work. These will mostly be maths tasks, as you can extend your English writing as much as you would like when you are writing your pieces.
   We are still uploading work that is sent into us on our homework share star, go and have a peek to see some of your classmates if you are missing them! There have been some really creative pieces of work over the last few weeks and we are very proud of each and every one of you for giving your all during this time. Keep up the good work everyone, you are doing excellently.

   Enjoy this weeks learning,

Mr Chislett and Mrs Swarbrick


Please find this week's maths work on White Rose Hub

Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c April 27)

Lesson 1 - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places