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Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitors


There are energy monitors throughout the school. Our job is to check that our year group is not wasting energy.


  • We check that:
    • Lights are not left on when the classroom is empty
    • Doors and windows are not left open when the heating is on
  • We look at the graphs shown below each month. They tell us how much energy we are using, and we can see if we are using more or less than we did at the same time last year
  • We think about how we can save energy
  • We go to the Eco-Committee meetings once a month to keep the Eco-Committee informed about our work


Things that have been recently been done to save energy are:

  • All our outside doors have signs on them to remind everyone to keep them closed. Rebecca designed some lovely signs, and we hope everyone will take notice of them
  • Our IT Technician, Mr Sims, worked with Georgia and Callum to save energy in our IT suite. Mr Sims has changed all the computers in the IT suite now, when they are not being used, they all go into energy saving mode after 10 minutes. Previously the energy saving mode did not start until 30 minutes. That is means we save 20 minutes of energy for each of the 35 computers when they are not being used.