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Classroom Plants 2022

One of the actions on our Action Plan is that all classrooms should have a plant to look after.

Ade and Finley when to see Mr Jones, and he agreed that this was a great idea.

On "move-up day" all classes had a chance to consider and then vote on which plant they would like for their new classroom in September 2022. They chose from 7 different plants

Plants for the classrooms

The classes chose the following plants:

Wren - Peace Lily

Robin - Parlour Palm

Chaffinch -Peace Lily

Sparrow - ?

Dove - Peace Lily

Nightingale - Aloe Vera

Skylark - Varigated Spider Plant

Starling - Peace Lily

Woodpecker - Peace Lily

Kingfisher - Aloe Vera

Swan - Peace Lily

Heron - Peace Lily

Kestrel - Parlour Palm

Falcon - Aloe Vera

As you can see Peace Lilies are very popoular!