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Wednesday 10th February

Today, is our 'Safer Internet Day'.  Below, are a number of websites that we would like you to take a look at.  Make notes about what you have learnt and then produce an eye-catching, informative poster that could offer advice to others.

Today's Learning...


We're going to take a detour from our maths.

If you are super confident with the work on measurement from this week -- you completed all the questions confidently with only one or two errors -- have a go at the greater depth challenge sheet which contains some of the toughest questions from the last twenty years of year 6 to do with algebra and measuring (plus a few other surprise topics just to keep you on your toes!).


If you're not super confident yet, please try these two revision sheets from previous years.  Can you complete these quickly and accurately?  If you need a bit more help, have a look at the help video for mm and cm and the help video for kilometres.

Also, for English, remember to thoroughly edit your work from Monday and then have a go at:

And finally...


It will soon be Love Your Pet Day!  To celebrate, a group of year 6s have kindly volunteered to judge a Pet Art competition!


What we would like you to do is to submit a piece of artwork on the theme of loving your pets.  It could be using pencils or felt tips or even paints or collage if you're feeling bold and your parents are happy.  This is your chance to create a wonderful piece of art to cherish the pets in your life!


Even if you don't have a pet, you could consider creating a piece of art for an imaginary pet or even a teddy bear.


Once you have completed your artwork, take a photograph and submit it to the Falcon and Kestrel email addresses by the end of half-term, (Sunday 21st February).