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Friday 27th March


How many words can you think of that include: 

ay sound 

ph sound 

ll sound 


Now, choose 4 of the words you have written down and write them into a statement, command, exclamation and question. Don't forget to use the correct punctuation (. ! ?) 



Create your own board game to help you practise the times table and division facts you are finding tricky. Remember we concetrate on: 2x, 10x, 5x, 4x and 8x. 


PE and Science 

Feel your heart beating, either put your hand on your chest or feel your pulse. Count how many times it beats in one minute. Think about how your body feels, are you hot? Are you out of breath? Do you feel tired? 


Now, ask someone to time you. In one minute count how many times you can do each exercise:

Star jumps, hops, jumps, lunges and skips. 


When you have completed each exercise for a minute feel your heart again and count how many times it beats in one minute. Have the number of beats gone up? Think about how your body feels after exercise, how is it different to before? Are you hot and sweaty? Do you feel out of breath? Now, can you explain what happens to your body during exercise?