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Home Learning - wb 17th January 2022

Monday - English

We are looking at fronted adverbials today, thinking specifically about our Shadow Dancer story.


Look at adjectives on the word mat and link this to what you know about Prism and Rainbow.


eg  Eventually, Prism was able to persuade Rainbow by tantalising him with stories of the light side.

Secretly, Rainbow was excited to join his brother in the forbidden journey although he needed to verbalise his reluctance.

Tuesday - English

Uplevel this section of text by using precise, exciting vocabulary.  Use a thesaurus to search for different synonyms.


Add a many questions sentence at the end.


LO:  I can use precise vocabulary to describe a setting.

The Shadow Dancers live in a dark land.  They are sad all the time and talk quietly to one another.  They dance miserably all day long.  The sky is always grey and dark.  The shadows are dark and black.  The trees are tall and have branches which reach out like fingers.  It’s always cold there and they shiver sometimes.  They get lonely and sad when they think about where they live.  Will they ever leave? _____?  _____?

Wednesday - English


Thinking about yesterday's uplevelled work, imagine that you are an illustrator.  How would you draw an image that would reflect what you have written?  What does the setting look like?  What colours can you see?  What do the shadow dancers look like?

Thursday - English


Read through the text and answer the questions.  

Friday - English

Use “sentences of 3” for description.



Prism had a bright smile, a pair of small wings and a glowing face caused by excitement.


Prism wore ________________ , ______________ and ____________________________ .



Rainbow snuck past the open kitchen door, picked up his bulging backpack and crept out of the quiet house to meet Prism.


Prism looked around and spotted _____________ , ___________________ and __________________ .



Prism stuffed the food into his bag, opened the window and lowered himself onto the roof of the downstairs extension.


Prism jumped silently down onto the  _____________ , ___________________ and __________________ .


Exciting verbs:

Prism grabbed his bag by the door, crept through the gloomy trees and made his way towards the concealed crevice by the edge of the lake.


Rainbow followed wordlessly down the  _____________ ,___________________ and __________________ .