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Thursday 17th September

Hello Year 6!



Thank you to all the splendid people who are emailing in their work.  We really enjoyed all the metaphors you came up with in poems yesterday -- one of you was a hot tub, another a ray of sunshine (maybe not to his sister) and yet another is pictured above!  What wonderful imaginations you have!  Keep the quality work flooding in!


Looks like almost everybody who can has already logged onto TTRockstars -- if you haven't yet and can, the class v class battle is raging!


Also, if you're super happy with the maths at present and want a real brain-teaser, try the NEFARIOUSLY NASTY, DEVILISHLY DIFFICULT, TERRIFYINGLY TOUGH Problem-Solving Challenge of the Week at the bottom...


Have a terrific day!

Times Table test!


Now that you're such super times table rockstars, see how you cope with today's test...  (answers tomorrow)




Well done for completing yesterday's arithmetic challenge.  Did you manage to beat yesterday's time?  Here are the answers so you can check how well you did and what areas you might need to keep practising:

I       a) 91           b) 202             c) 1

II     a) 60           b) 144             c) 10,000

III   a) 9283       b) 928.3          c) 92.83

IV    a) 23,492     b) £4679.76   c) 295,704

V      a) £3.09      b) £13.72        c) 131



LO:  I can subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits.

Please watch the video below and then have a go at the questions on the worksheet.


LO: I can use commas effectively.

Please watch the grammar video below and follow the exercises.


Additionally, please complete on lined paper, or in your home learning book, pages 20 - 21 from your CGP reading book (Classic Poetry).  If you have a different colour book, please continue working through the book in order.


This year, Mrs Brickley is planning on making a recording of you singing for our Harvest Celebrations and putting it on the website.  In preparation for this, we would like you to create a fabulous observational drawing of fruit and/or vegetables that can then be displayed alongside the singing.  Remember, we want a beautiful piece of quality work that you're proud of -- take your time and do your best! laugh

On a piece of A4 LANDSCAPE paper, create a COLOURFUL work of art.






A chessboard is an 8 x 8 grid.  The Queen can move up, down, left, right and diagonally as far as she likes.  If there is another piece in the way, the queen can take them. 


The Eight Queens puzzle is a famously difficult puzzle – can you fit 8 queens onto a chessboard without them being able to take each other?


This challenge is insanely difficult.  However, a good starting point with tough puzzles like this is to look at smaller versions of the same puzzle.


Can you fit three queens into a 3x3 chessboard without any of them being able to take each other?

Can you fit four queens into a 4x4 chessboard without any of them being able to take each other?

What about five queens on a 5x5 board...?


See how close you can get to 8 queens on an 8x8 board.  Good luck!