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School Closure Information

Closure Information


If the school is closed before the school day starts, parents and carers will be informed in the following ways:


  • A message will appear on the school’s website ( by 7:30 am each day.
  • Where possible, text messages or emails will be sent to all parents and carers, for whom up-to-date details are available, by or shortly after 7.30am.
  • Broadcasts by the following Radio Stations –

     Somerset Sound 1566MHz

     Heart FM 102.6FM [96.5FM Taunton Area]


If parents and carers do not receive information from any of these sources to the contrary, they should assume that school will be open as usual.


Parents and carers are asked not to phone the school so the telephone lines can be kept clear for staff. Once parents and carers hear that the school is to be closed, it is always helpful if they contact others they know to check that the message gets through effectively.


Closure during the school day


The school’s priority is to keep all pupils safe and calm. If the school has to be closed during the school day, the school will begin a procedure for contacting parents as soon as possible that the school is being closed, through text alerts as well as through contacting local radio stations and Somerset County Council website.


In such occasions, the main aim is to ensure the safety of the children on the school site whilst waiting to be collected. Pupils will only be allowed to leave with a parent or carer who will have to sign their child out when they collect them. The school will stay open for as long as possible and, although there may not be enough teachers to teach lessons, supervised activities will be provided in the hall so that children can remain in school even though normal lessons will be disrupted. This is to allow parents and carers the comfort of knowing their children are safe and supervised.


Everything reasonably possible will be done to ensure children’s safety and well-being.


Decisions to close the school


The decision to close the school is a serious one. The main consideration will always be the health and safety of the children and staff. Parents and carers should be aware that all schools are different and can be affected in different ways, depending on whether children come to school by bus or whether staff live a long way away etc.


Opening the school in adverse weather conditions


If the decision has been made that the school can safety open then pupils are encouraged to wear suitable footwear (e.g. wellington boots) on their way to and from school and to to bring their school shoes to change into once in school.


The school will implement its Gritting Procedures to minimise the dangers of slipping on frost, snow and ice in outside areas and on access routes. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure their own safety. This is particularly important when there is a chance that an area may be slippery such as during periods of cold weather and/or snow when there is a danger of ice having formed.


Site evacuation


If in the extremely unlikely event it is decided to evacuate the school site as a matter of urgency the children will be taken to The Castle School. You will be notified of the arrangements for collecting your child who will be safe and supervised.


Primary means of communicating

  • Radio broadcasts
    BBC Somerset (95.5 FM) and Heart FM (102.6 FM)

  • On this school website
    On the homepage - under Latest News

  • Somerset School Closures website


Secondary means of communicating

  • Email to...
    Parents who have registered an email address
    Staff with a corporate email address

Important Notes:


Actual delivery of emails and SMS messages is beyond the control of the school.
In severe weather situations communication systems may be adversely affected.