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          Grace decided she wanted to learn more.  The most logical way to learn more was to read the book.  She opened it to the first page.


          Second page.




          It was all blank!  She needed to know more.  What was so bad about a blank book?  She put it down.  Then the pages flicked to the middle.

          The pages seemed to speak in a sinister whisper, “You want an adventure.  You will get it.  We just need your life!”

          “What?  Why? “

          “For your adventure, we need you!”

          She hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest. “Okay, if I get something other than this boring old life!”

          With that, she fell lifeless on her bed.

          The book lay there.  Slowly, ink began to emerge from the white of the pages.  The pages began to fill – to fill with words.  The words told her story.

          She sailed the ocean.  She went into space.  She went to the jungle.  She flew high with eagles.  She did everything that her fairytale heroes did.

          Finally, the book was filled.  But still she wanted more!

          The words began to flow out of the book like thick vines of ink creeping their way outwards and outwards.

          She always wanted an adventure – now she had one!


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