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The 2020/2021 was a difficult school year, and the pandemic made it extremely difficult for us to meet safely.


Our Eco work continued however and included several big projects. 


We put our school meal tender out to tender, and as well as ensuring that our school meals were healthy and tasty, Mr Jones and Mrs Scott worked hard to ensure that our new caterers, Cleverchefs always

  • source ingredients from local suppliers where possible, and use established 'farm to school' supply routes, which enable the food used in our meals to always be traced back to source, via stringent due diligence processes.
  • use seasonal ingredients where possible.
  • ensure that 95% of the ingredients used are fresh.
  • reduce food miles where possible.
  • include plant based dishes in our menus.


Cleverchefs also agreed to contribute £500 to the Eco-Committee for the creation of a vegetable plot.


Cleverchefs have entered a program with Time4trees and aim to plant 600 trees per annum.


Cleverchefs aim to reduce water consumption by:

  • ensuring taps are always switched off when not in use
  • only passing dirty crockery through the dishwasher when a tray is full
  • where possible, installing knee operated hand wash sinks that only dispense water when not in use
  • only boiling water when needed
  • steaming vegetables as opposed to boiling on the stove


Cleverchefs aim to reduce energy consumption by:

  • turning off the lights when the storeroom is not in use
  • turning off computers when not in use and not leaving on standby
  • being committed to using efficient appliances


Cleverchefs aim to recycle 1005 of their waste cooking oil through a scheme run by one of their suppliers, Bidfood. Bidfood operate 70% of their fleet using biodiesel (B30 mix) produced from their customers', including Cleverchefs, waste cooking oil.


While we all stayed safely at home during the pandemic, wildlife was left mainly undisturbed. Mrs Scott filmed the badgers who live on the Parkfield school site, and you can see a wonderful film called 'What animal is this?' in the Video Resources section of the website, under Nature Challenge.


We missed meeting together during this year, and sadly several of our members left Parkfield and to move on to their secondary schools.


Good bye Georgia, James, Callum, Grace, Molly and Lilian

Thank you for helping us to set up the Parkfield Primary Eco-Committee.

Thank you for your helping us to start our journey to becoming a Eco-School.