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The Great School Spring Clean 2021

The Great Big School Spring Clean


This year Year 5 children are on a  #MillionMileMission. The children have pledged to take part, and for 15 minutes they check different areas of our school grounds for litter, and pick up any they find. 


Then, using a slow walking pace of three miles per hour, Keep Britain tidy will calculate how many miles of litter picking our school will complete. We hope that together with other schools, we can collectively complete a million miles of litter picking… or in other terms, enough litter picking to get to the moon and back twice!


The Great Big Parkfield School Clean will take place in the first week back after the summer half-term 2021.


Thank you Year 5 


The Year 5 children are busy checking our school grounds for litter, and are taking part in the Keep Britain Tidy million-mile mission. If each child in Year 5 just litter picks for 15 minutes, moving at a slow walking pace of 3 miles per hour, then altogether this will add up to 45 miles of litter collection!  This is the distance from Taunton to Bristol so you can see that if everyone does just a little, together it can add up to a lot!


The Heron class have litter picked this week and next week Swan class will be out checking our school grounds for litter.

Keep up the good work Year 5.