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Thursday 09.07.20


Today's maths lesson is to calculate angles around a point. Remember to watch the video first as this will help you to understand what you need to do. Then complete the sheet, either by printing it out, if you are able, or writing the answers into your workbook. For a little extra help, you may find the PowerPoint below useful too.

For an extra challenge, you can also complete the GDS questions below.


Who has read a book where the first page is a map showing the land in the story? I love studying these and going back to it throughout the story!

Today you are going to design and draw your own map of where your type of elf or sprite lives.  Perhaps you could use the internet to see how Kieran Larwood, author or ‘Podkin One-Ear’ draws maps of his story, the link is below.

Study page 22 for some steps showing how to tackle this task.