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Friday 18th September

This half-term's objective is all about resilience and WOW - look how many ways you are all showing us how to be resilient.


Some of you are increasing your speed at TTRockstars so much - you won't believe what a difference this will make!  Some of you are doing painting, gardening, baking, writing, music....  Some of you are reading new, exciting books and some people who find reading tough are digging deep and practising more than ever before.  Some of you are up at 7 on the dot.  Some of you have your work in every day like clockwork.  Some of you find it hard to find a quiet place to work or have had birthdays or have had obstacles but you stay resilient and keep carrying on.


When you think back on this week and remember how magnificent and resilient you were, what will YOU remember?  And if you're not sure YET... today is your day!


Read loads, practise lots and have a terrific weekend!




Times Tables Results from yesterday:

1. 20

2. 12

3. 24

4. 36

5. 48

6. 48

7. 56

8. 9

9. 12

10. 8

11. 4

12. 8

13. 24

14. 40

15. 96 [Group them into (2x4=8) and (4x3=12) so you can do 8 x 12]

16. 64 [Remember: squared means multiplied by itself]

17. 0 [Anything x0 = 0]

18. 0.04

19. 6 quarters or 1 and a half.

20. 50 [Tricky!  Remember that 8 x 5 = 40 which already has a placeholder zero so 80 x 5 = 400 so you only need one extra placeholder zero]


Well done for completing yesterday's arithmetic challenge.  Did you manage to beat yesterday's time?  Here are the answers so you can check how well you did and what areas you might need to keep practising:

I       a) 71          b) 35             c) 91

II     a) 81          b) 1,000         c) 80

III   a) 560        b) 7957         c) 800

IV    a) £2,388   b) 11,000.9    c) 630,341

V      a)  125        b) 25             c) 25


LO: I can use inverse operations

Today, we are looking at inverse operations and will be focussing on addition and subtraction.  Please watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet.


ENGLISH - Creative Story Writing

'The Greatest Library'

Today, we would like to give you the opportunity to showcase your creative writing skills using the picture above as a prompt.  

To get your creative juices flowing, think about the following questions:


  • Why do you think the little girl enjoys being in this library so much?
  • What book do you think she is reading?
  • Can you tell anything about a person by the types of books they read?
  • If you could write a book, what would it be about?
  • Which type of books would you like/not like to come alive?


 Here's a thought...if you were to take out every single book from a library, would it still be a library? 




Your task is to write a short story entitled, 'The Greatest Library', using this picture as a starting point.  Don't forget to try and include some of the grammar techniques that you have practised this week, e.g. introducing a list with a colon.  If you are struggling to get started,  you could choose one of these openings to get going:

  • The books had minds of their own.


  • This was no ordinary library.


  • Books about knights and castles would gallop all over the library, bravely and boldly ordering the other books around.  The books about thieves would sneak around, lurking behind bookshelves in the shadows.  Books about wild animals would occasionally roar and bite the other books.  The ones containing stories set in the winter would often shiver, covering their neighbours with snow and frost.


  • Lucy loved this place like no other.  Reading was the most exciting thing in the world here: everything she read seemed to come alive out of the pages.

We can't wait to hear your stories!


Additionally, please complete on lined paper, or in your home learning book, pages 30 - 31 from your CGP reading book (Non-fiction).  If you have a different colour book, please continue working through the book in order.


How and why is online content regulated?



Listen to the audio below for today's spelling test.


Once you have finished the test, please look at the Spellings that we have set you to learn this week, (the list is attached below).  Pick 5 words from this list and look up their definitions in a dictionary.  Can you include these words in exciting sentences?

This week's spelling test

And finally...

How did you get on with yesterday's extra maths challenge?  Well done to FaZe_Stalin711 who managed to complete the mission!

We are very excited to see your Harvest pictures of fruit and vegetables.  Maybe HayleySaller10's fantastic piece of art will inspire you: