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le 15 juin 2020

Bonjour la classe,

Ça va? How are you?

I hope you are keeping your French up.  We are continuing to learn about travelling and transport.  If you need to recap this learning you need to go to the previous weeks French sections to find the activities. Remember you have been learning a new song: Aller à l’école and adding your own actions.  Then you found out that the title, Aller à l’école, means Going to school.  The verb “aller” means to go. This verb was the focus of your learning last time.  Don’t forget to see where else you will travel to in the song. 

To continue our transport learning, there is the song, a video clip, a game and a powerpoint with lots of new words.  You can even have a go at learning a question in French: Qu’est-ce que c’est? What is it? and doing a simple memory activity.

Enjoy this learning. 

Bon courage,                  Madame Ferguson

PS Don’t forget all the French clips for you in the Video Centre.  Go to HOME LEARNING, go right down to the bottom and select Video Centre and find the Year R/Y1/Y2 video clips.

37 aller a l'ecole.mp3

Les transports_vocabulary in French.mp4

Still image for this video