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Art Club

Welcome to our Art Club page!


Over the next few weeks, we will be filling this page with lots of our lovely art work.  In order to create some mystique around our material, and following in the footsteps of infamous street artist Banksy, we shall also be adopting special artist names under which to display our work.  If you’d like to prepare to inhabit your new persona ready for Art Club after half term, you can check out who you’ll be by using the table shown below.  If you don’t have a middle name, you could use the second letter of your first name instead.  The first letters of Mrs Ashley’s first, middle and last names are KLA, so her artist name will be Knoebel Luminous Arcimboldo - a bit of a mouthful!  All of the first names and last names in the table belong to famous artists, so once you’ve worked out who you are, you could research your namesakes and find out about their work.


Happy naming!